Public Auction

  • 30 S. High St., Croton, OH, , 43013
  • Wed, May 15, 2019
  • 4:00 PM
  • Live only

Description :


WED. MAY 15, 2019 at 4:pm

Sale Location: 30 S. High St. Croton, Ohio 43013


Hercules Motor | Ammo | Reloading Dies | Camper | Collectibles


Hercules Gas engine 3 HP engine #177015; old oil cans; TOOLS: Craftsman to inc. ¾” socket set, hand tools, bench grinder; air tank; reddy heater; Dremel 4” table saw; Unimate miniature lathe; assorted hand tools; jack stands; vise; chain binders; floor jack; gas cans; hand saws; jumper cables; porter cable battery drill; lawn boy push mower; yard wagon; little giant ladder;

AMMO and RELOADING DIES: RCBS Dies to inc: 30-06,9m Lugar, 257 Roberts, 30-30, 357 Magnum, 223 Remington, 348 and 375 Winchester, 38 Special, 8x57 Mouser, 45 Colt, 30-40 Krag, 32 ACP; RCB reloader; buckshot, black powder; 45 cal round lead balls; brass; 9mm bullets; Winchester to inc.: 30-40 Frag, 30-30, 375, 348,30-06; Remington 22; 7.62x39 rifle cartridges; PMC 357 Magnum; small cannon; camping gear; bait boxes; Coleman stove; lanterns;

COLLECTIBLES: Pocket watches to inc: Elgin, Westclox, Clebar, New Haven, Quartz; Wrist watches; misc. jewelry; Griswold and Lodge Skillets; Aladdin gas lamps; Lanterns to inc.: Distrimetal A.B.C. 1952 Malines, Pullman, Adams and Westlake; 2 Coo Coo Clocks; Zippo Lighters; metal Amoz-n-Andy car; Royal Deluxe manual typewriter; doll and doll clothes; doll house; old children toys; marbles; trunk; platform scales; tootsie toy; small Singer hand crank sewing machine; Thumpers Tumbler Model B; Marble top wash stand; Oval marble top table; needle point chairs; old kit cabinet; bed; Cameras to inc.: Aires, Kodak, Brownies Bulls Eye, Hawkeye; Pentax, Mamiya; Misc. Household: Household Goods, glassware; lamps; Whirlpool chest freezer, end tables; coffee tables; exercise bike; book shelves; radio flyer wagon; yard and garden tools; metro racks; yard and garden tools; other misc to numerous to mention. CAMPER: 1998 Palomino Mustang Addition, cushions have been redone, new vinyl floor, new curtains, no air, front lounge does not have built in shower or toilet.

Owner Jacqui Wessel

Terms: Cash, Check or Credit Card 3% buyers Premium waived for Cash or Check

Auctioneers: Chip Carpenter (740-965-1208) David J. Douglas David G. Erickson

United Country Real Estate and Auction Services, LLC

Terms/Conditions :

Cash, Check or Credit Card 3% buyers Premium waived for Cash or Check

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Real Estate Properties

Personal Property


LotID : 242919

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