John Deere 50 Tractor, Part, Toys, Trains, Knives, & Manuals

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  • Wed, Mar 6, 2019
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Description :

This collection has some of the most interesting pieces in one collection, great items being offered for the first time. Covering John Deere tractor, a Model 50 and other tractor parts, JD Ertl toys and related collectibles, knives, metal toys from the 30's and up, die-cast planes and cars from Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint, John Deere; manuals, and service catalogs, Lionel trains car and track. And a restored, running John Deere Model 50 with power steering. Really a great collection a lot to offer one and all.


1 John Deere The Model 1 4000 Tractor Precision
2 JD Ertl The Model B Tractor Precision Classics
Tractor Precision Classics
3 John Deere The Model 110 Lawn and Garden
4 JD The Model 8400 Tractor 1/32 scale Precision
Precision Classics
5 John Deere The Unstyled Model B Tractor
6 JD The Model 70 Diesel Tractor Precision Classics
Precision Classics
7 John Deere The 214-T Twine-Tie Baler
With 290 Cultivator Precision Classics
8 John Deere The Model A Tractor
By Stephan MFG
9 John Deere Model 50 Tractor Number 130 of 500
10 JD The Model A Tractor Precision Classics
Precision Classics
11 John Deere The Model 4020 Diesel Tractor
12 John Deere The 4440 Tractor Precision Classics
13 JD The Power Shift 4020 Tractor Precision Classics
Precision Classics
14 John Deere The Model 494 -A Four Row Planter
Precision Classics
15 John Deere The Model 720 Diesel Tractor
16 JD The Model A Tractor with 290 Cultivator
Precision Classics
17 JD Model F145H-5 Bottom Moldboard Plow
18 Ertl John Deere 6000 / 7000 Series Tractors
19 John Deere 1939 Model B 1/8 scale
Two Cylinder Expo
20 1930 John Deere Series P Tractor 65th ann.
21 John Deere Ertl Model 80
22 Ertl JD Collector's Edition Model 70 Row Crop
Model BW - 40
23 John Deere Two-Cylinder 6 6th ann. John Deere
John Deere 50 Tractor, Part, Toys, Trains, Knives, & Manuals 2/23/2019-3/6/2019
United Country Real Estate and Auction Services Page: 2
24 Two Cylinder Club JD 620 Orchard Tractor
25 Two Cylinder Expo JD Model A Hi Crop Tractor
26 Ertl JD Model A with Man Top 100 Toys of the
National Farm Toy Museum
27 Ertl JD Model 10 Pedel Tractor Replica
28 Ertl John Deere 8400 Tractor
29 Ertl JD Collector's Edition 1915 Waterloo Boy
30 Ertl JD Collector's Edition Model D
31 Two Cylinder Club JD 720 Hi Crop Tractor
32 Two Clyinder Expo JD Model HWH Tractor
33 Ertl John Deere Model 60 High Seat Standard
34 Ertl John Deere 530 General Purpose Tractor
35 Ertl JD 1935 Model B Tractor Collector Edition
36 JD Ertl 1928 Model GP Standard Tractor
37 John Deere General Purpose Wide Tread Tractor
38 John Deere Model C Tractor Sp Ed.
39 Ertl JD Wide Tread 1931 GP Tractor
40 John Deere Model G Hi Crop Tractor
41 Ertl 75 Ann. JD Model D Tractor
42 Ertl JD Collector's Edition 1958 630 LP
43 JD Ertl Collector's Edition 1953 Model 60
44 JD Two Cylinder Club 620 Orchard Tractor
45 John Deere Sp Ed Model C Tractor SN 0073
46 John Deere Ertl Model E in box
47 Ertl McCormick Deering Model M in Box
48 John Deere 70 Power Steer 1/18 scale
49 John Deere 75 th ann. Tractor 1/8 scale
50 John Deere Model B 1/18 scale
51 Three sets of JD Ertl Historical Tractors
52 Limited Edition Enola Gay Danbury Mint Plane
53 TWA Gemini 250 DC-3 plane
54 Franklin Mint A 10 Warthog plane
55 1/48 scale Franklin Mint B24 The Squaw USAAF plane
56 Two Stratotanker 1/100 KC-135 and KC-135A
57 Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless plane
58 Ertl Douglas DC-3 plane
59 Franklin Mint 1/48 Douglas SBD -5 Dauntless plane
John Deere 50 Tractor, Part, Toys, Trains, Knives, & Manuals 2/23/2019-3/6/2019
United Country Real Estate and Auction Services Page: 3
60 Corgi Boeing B-29 Super Fortress Enola Gay
61 Corgi Lockheed Constellation Eastern Airlines
62 Douglas DC 3 Gemini 250 plane 1/250 scale
63 Enola Gay Super Fortress 1/72 scale
64 Frist Gear Napa 1960 Mack B-61 Wrecker
De Ville
65 Danbury Mint Limited Edition 1954 Cadillac Coupe
66 Danbury Mint Limited Edition 1940 Ford Tudor Sedan
Mack Pumper Model L
1976 Kenworth / Pierce
67 Two First Gear Fire Trucks
68 Danbury Mint World War II Jeep Replica
69 Danbury Mint 1950 Ford Crestliner
1951 Ford Fire Truck
Ford Tractor
70 Two first gear fire trucks
71 The Danbury Mint 1948 Buick Roadmaster Coupe w/box
72 Corgi Major Aerial Rescue Truck
73 Franklin Mint Schwinn Black Phantom Die Cast Model
California's Statewide Bank
74 Smith Miller Smitty Toys Bank of America
75 Swann Hill Cari Car lift car
No key
76 Schuco Oldtimer Mercer TYP 35 J / 1913
77 Schuco Teleco 3003 Boat with box signs of wear
78 Schuco Radio 4012 in box no key
79 Schuco Telesteering Car 3000 in box
80 Schuco Mini Racer 1043 in box
81 Schuco Gama 100 DRP a with key
82 Schuco Examico 4001 with key
83 Gama Tank Made in US Zone Germany with key
84 Schuco 1750 car with key
85 Schuco Kommando Anno 2000 car and key
86 Schuco Studio 1050 with key
87 Schuco Akustico 2002 with key
88 Schuco 1001 car and key
89 Schuco Magico 500 garage and accessories
90 Two metal army toys, one marked "Jeep"
91 Collection of vintage pencils
John Deere 50 Tractor, Part, Toys, Trains, Knives, & Manuals 2/23/2019-3/6/2019
United Country Real Estate and Auction Services Page: 4
92 Group of vintage toys
93 Group of vintage toys; Roy Rogers knife
94 Vintage toys; banks, radio and plastic cars
95 Group of pins; knives and collectibles
96 Group of political pins and buttons
97 Metal toy "Mac" Dutch Mill
98 Two model boat motors plane and music stand
99 Two Block City building block and box
100 Two sets of American Plastic Bricks
101 Three wooden plane models
racer car
102 Two sets of American presidents in miniatures and
103 Weeden electric engine model
104 Miniature lamp, helmet light and match holder
case and factory box for train
105 Baltimore and Ohio HO train and coal tender with
106 Lionel Sunco tanker, Automatic merchandise car &
107 Lionel switches and parts
108 Loinel Bucyrus Erie crane model 182
109 Model Train parts; two light and sign bumper
110 Three Lionel trains; Caboose, tip car, and light
111 Three Lionel cars; Crane, coal car, and stake car
needs repaired
112 Lionel 2025 engine and coal tender
Automatic dump car
113 Three Lionel cars; Sunco tanker, freight car and
114 Lionel 220 Enige and coal tender
115 Group of O gauge track
116 Lionel water tower and small scale barn
117 Lionel Type ZW Trainmaster Transformer
118 Group of O gauge train track
119 Two Lionel switches and bumper
120 Toy cars and cast pig
121 John Deere toys and remote control tractor
122 Doepke Model Toys Adams Motor Grader Diesel
123 Group of plastic toy car and trucks
124 Group of metal toy cars and trucks
John Deere 50 Tractor, Part, Toys, Trains, Knives, & Manuals 2/23/2019-3/6/2019
United Country Real Estate and Auction Services Page: 5
125 Hubley Kidde steam roller and metal ships
126 Group of vintage games and stereoscopes and film
127 Group of children's toys
128 Vintage children's games and toys
129 Music stands wooden shoes and camping cup set
130 Ranger and Tootsies toy train sets
131 Gilbert Cameo Blocks set No 3
132 Keystone Ride Em Steam Shovel
scale 9" wheel
133 Rider Ericsson ENC Co. Hot Air Engine Model 1/4
134 Rider Ericsson Hot Air Engine Model 1/8 scale
135 Britains 155mm Gun in box
136 Big Bang 10 FC Cannon box two tubes of bangsite
137 Canon marked 16 FW , FD , FA
138 1917 Civil War Cannon Model 7
139 Two mortars, one 1 1/4" and 2" bore
140 Black Powder and wicks
141 Ohaus Dial O Gram balance 310g and weight sets
142 Ohaus Precision Reloading Scale
143 Pieces and parts for reloading and cleaning
144 Edge Pro sharping set Apex Model
145 USM8 BM Co Bayonet
146 USN MK 1 US 401653 RIA 1918 Bayonet
147 US M6 Mils Co 1943
148 US M8A1 B M Co Knife US M3 Case1943
149 Knife and sheath Made in Hungry FE5
150 Ka Bar 02-1282 D2 Extreme
151 Ka Bar Short USMC knife Straight Edge
152 Ontario Knife Company 499 Air Force Survival Knife
153 Camillus BK & T BK2 Field Knife
154 Five Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Co pocket knives
155 Five new pocket knives by Great Eastern Cutlery
156 Group of mutli tool knives
157 Three Canal Street Cutlery Co knives
158 Knives from various makers in boxes
159 Three Queen City Cutlery knives
160 Five folding knives
161 Group of knives
John Deere 50 Tractor, Part, Toys, Trains, Knives, & Manuals 2/23/2019-3/6/2019
United Country Real Estate and Auction Services Page: 6
162 Group of Schrade knives 8 in total
163 Six Old Timer folding knives
164 Case, Swarovski, and Mauser knives
165 Eight folding knives
166 Group of Swiss Army knives
167 Eight Swiss Army knives
168 Six Swiss Army knives in boxes
169 Group of smaller Swiss Army knives
170 10 Swiss Army knives in boxes
171 Nine Swiss Army knives in boxes
172 Swiss Army knives/ tools
173 Ten Swiss Army knives in boxes
174 Eight Swiss Army knives, several collector series
175 Eight Swiss Army knives in boxes
176 Schrade Uncle Henry Knives 6 in total
177 Schrade Knives, one empty cigar box one sealed
178 Six Old Timer Schrade knives
179 Schrade Old Timer, Spitfire and Timer X knives
180 Schrade Old Timer knives
181 Group of various maker knives
181a Group of knife related boxes
182 Group of Green Magazines
183 Group of Two Cylinder magazines and related books
184 Group of John Deere related books and VHS tapes
185 Group of Tractor Digest
186 Hard back copy of Heidi some wear to spine
187 Group of children's books
188 Group of reproduction John Deere items
189 Children's books
190 Big Bang and The Wheeling Suspension Bridge books
191 Two model train books
50 best
192 B & O train-related books and a volume of the
193 B & O history books
194 Group of train-related books
195 The Profile Publications airplane related
196 John Deere related items
197 John Deere Model 50 manual
John Deere 50 Tractor, Part, Toys, Trains, Knives, & Manuals 2/23/2019-3/6/2019
United Country Real Estate and Auction Services Page: 7
198 JD Directions books and 1918-1987 piece
199 JD Model H manual and parts catalog
of Farm Machinery; 26th 27th and 28th ed.
200 Three edition of The Operation, Care and Repair
201 JD Model 50 Service manual and parts catalog
202 JD Manual SM2110 and parts PC264
203 John Deere 140 tractor related manuals and
204 Two JD original informational books
205 Three manuals
206 Collection of reprinted Master parts
207 JD operation manuals and service manuals
208 Three JD parts catalogs
209 JD 720 Service manuals and Model 70 parts catalog
210 Two JD Part Catalogs 60 and 520 and 530 tractors
211 Three JD books; parts and service
212 60 Series Service and 620 and 630 Parts catalog
213 Three JD manuals and part catalog
214 Two JD Service Manuals for engines
215 Two Operator's manuals for plows
216 820 Service manual and 820 Parts catalog
217 Two JD No 5 mower manuals
218 Three John Deere part catalogs
219 Three parts catalogs; No 5 mower and rotary mower
220 Four Service manuals John Deere
221 Five attachments parts catalogs
222 Four JD manuals and parts books
223 Three JD Service Publications Catalogs
224 Group of John Deere prints
225 Two framed JD prints
226 Group of Jd plow parts
227 JD umbrella and muffler
228 Restored John Deere B hood Short Frame
229 Mower parts and pieces
230 John Deere wheel rim
231 John Deere Evener Bar 801 Hitch
232 JD Boy on tractor with wagon planter
233 John Deere battery box restored
John Deere 50 Tractor, Part, Toys, Trains, Knives, & Manuals 2/23/2019-3/6/2019
United Country Real Estate and Auction Services Page: 8
234 Group of hardware and parts
235 Group of JD parts and bulbs
236 JD wrench and tools
237 John Deere parts
238 John Deere mail box
239 Tractor seats two bottoms and a back
240 3 point hitch system find a 140 tractor
241 Primed battery box
242 Tote with various JD parts and hardware
243 John Deere tool box
244 John Deere A60R seat channel
245 Group of JD seals and gaskets
246 JD wheel weights pair
247 John Deere parts
248 Restored JD parts
Some cans have been opened
249 Group of John Deere green and yellow paint
250 Pair of John Deere wheel weights
251 John Deere carburetor
252 John Deere tractors parts
253 Two tools for a JD one home made for a rear of a50
254 Two JD tractor parts for a 50
255 JD parts and Timken bearings
256 JD Remote Cylinder A3162R
257 JD 50 parts and gears
258 Group of JD Two Cylinder Flags
259 Two JD die cast a 40 and 50 tractors
260 John Deere die cast 60 and 70 tractor
261 John Deere related items
262 John Deere trading cards
263 JD medallions and plate
264 Group of JD miniature tractors and anvils
265 Two gas pumps and garden tractor
266 JD related items and belt buckles
267 John Deere Book ends and empty tin
268 Two die-cast tractors
269 Group of older JD calendars
270 Group of Model 50 related advertising items
John Deere 50 Tractor, Part, Toys, Trains, Knives, & Manuals 2/23/2019-3/6/2019
United Country Real Estate and Auction Services Page: 9
271 Group of metal signs
272 Franklin Mint Model A Tudor car in box
273 Corgi Boeing KC 97L Air Refueling Wing in box
Stored indoors, good rubber, with manual for a 50
274 Restored John Deere 50 with power steering
275 John Deere Two bottom plow
276 John Deere nose weight A5348B
277 John Deere side weights A5345R 3 pieces
278 JD weights fits a 50
279 JD rear wheel weight
280 John Deere rear wheel weights
281 John Deere 801 3 point hitch with manual
282 Brinley Cat 0 single bottom plow
283 Log chain with ends


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